Your Hygiene
Has Just Begun.

Introducing the New American Red Cross Hand Sanitizer you can take anywhere, anytime.

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Protect Everyone. Everywhere.

American Red Cross hand sanitizer kills germs when you need it, where you need it. Whether it’s one of our personal use sanitizers, or our proven business solutions – we have you covered.


The Brand You Trust

When the decision is important, turn to a name you know. American Red Cross hand sanitizers are powerful, long-lasting, and gentle on your skin – a proven solution you can trust.


Doctor Recommended

The highly respected and internationally recognized physician, Dr. Armand Dorian has recommended the American Red Cross hand sanitizer as a first line of defense against the germs we come in contact with everyday.

Put Your Armor On

  • With it’s proprietary formula, American Red Cross hand sanitizer is a revolutionary new product designed to:

    • Create Long Lasting Protection
    • Kill Germs
    • Guard against Germs

Doctor Armand Dorian M.D., FACEP

Meet Dr. Armand Dorian, a highly respected, internationally recognized physician and media personality. Dr. Dorian has recommended the American Red Cross hand sanitizer as an important first step to hand sanitizing and germ protection.

Solutions for Home, Work, and Play


Everywhere. Everyday. .33 oz. Pen Sprayer

The convenient .33 oz. size is the perfect personal sprayer, fitting neatly in a purse, shirt pocket, or waist pack, providing needed protection everywhere – everyday.


For On-the-Go
1.69 oz. Convenient Foamer

The versatile 1.69 oz. foamer delivers needed protection for an active lifestyle, where more protection is needed, more often. This handy size is ideal for glove boxes, backpacks, gym bags – a must have for the person on-the-go.


At the Office and at Home
16.9 oz. Daily Use Foamer

The 16.9 oz. foamer provides a great solution for the higher volume uses of everyday life. Designed with the efficient application of a foamer, it is a necessity for the office, home, or high profile areas where germs are a problem.


For Your Business
Manual and Touch-free Dispensers

Manufactured with durable ABS plastic, the American Red Cross business-class hand sanitizing dispensers are ADA compliant, wall-mountable. Our battery operated touch-free unit provides over 80,000 cycles and can be used with an attractive floor stand.

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*Certified Laboratory Testing

Powered by Byotrol technology, the American Red Cross hand sanitizer has been laboratory tested for antibacterial activity and efficacy using a suspension time- kill procedure. Microchem Laboratory is a contract testing laboratory built to serve industry with a wide array of testing services. The lab specializes in testing of environmental surface disinfectants, high-level disinfectants, sanitizers, medical devices, antimicrobial surfaces, personal care products, and antimicrobial devices. To learn more about Microchem, visit their website .